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Phone Calling Cards for International Calls!

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Popular Destinations from USA

Australia Calling Cards 1.0 ¢/min France Calling Cards 0.3 ¢/min Russia Calling Cards 1.0 ¢/min
Canada Calling Cards 0.4 ¢/min India Calling Cards 0.9 ¢/min Spain Calling Cards 0.7 ¢/min
China Calling Cards 0.7 ¢/min Italy Calling Cards 0.6 ¢/min UK Calling Cards 0.4 ¢/min
Germany Calling Cards 0.7 ¢/min Mexico Calling Cards 0.3 ¢/min USA Calling Cards 0.9 ¢/min

Save Up to 95% on International Phone Calls!

We offer a wide variety of phone calling cards for low cost international calls from the United States or any other country. Our quality cards are a smart, convenient and cheap way to make international phone calls to any worldwide destination. You can get one global PIN that works from 50+ countries. Worldwide local access. Great for home, business, and travelers. Shop exclusive calling cards with fast, easy, secure shopping and save up to 95% on international and long distance calls!

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